Animal Crossing New Horizons: I am about to choose between weeds and islands

Animal Crossing New Horizons: I am about to choose between weeds and islands


My first contact with Animal Crossing was quickly attracted by this home game.This is also the first time I won a major Animal Crossing championship. If you want to enter the series as soon as possible, it means that you need to acquire proficient skills and sufficient knowledge. For example, you should pick weeds.But for me, I don't like to touch these weeds at random, because they are so beautiful, I don't want to destroy this beauty.

I didn't know you were imagined to pick weeds initially. I accepted the random green and purple-leafed plants dotting my landscape as a part of the ACNH Nook Miles Ticket natural ground cover. It had been only later after Leif showed abreast of my third day as Island Representative that I noticed those things were a resource to be harvested like everything else. So I dutifully removed every weed from my corner of the island, leaving only grass behind. This was imagined to be ideal. I had a pristine grassy canvas ready for all the flowers and shrubs and bell trees I’ve yet to plant—but to me, it just looked naked and boring.

With the season changing from spring to summer within the North American islands, the weeds have also changed. Long wheat-like grasses and clumps of flowering weeds with yellow and white petals appeared on my island in the week. They’re so pretty, especially the grassy-looking ones. I’d like to have them as landscaping around my house or as filler in my garden.The environment in the whole game looks beautiful, I like the scene of this game very much, the characters in it are also very realistic. If you have not played this kind of game before, be sure to get in touch with this new game. Since the game has just been developed, many sites have not yet sold Bells, but has officially started to sell Animal Crossing Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Ticket, in order to avoid missing the best time, you can now enter for consultation.

I know I can technically leave them to be, uprooting them when I’m designing for a specific look or have a flowering tree to plant. But one in each of the opposite things I also had to be told about Animal Crossing is that residents hate weeds. The’ll rate your island poorly if there’s too many.

I’ve been searching the net for methods you'll cultivate weeds while keeping them contained. From what I’m finding, planting them then containing the space with a custom design should keep them hemmed in. But even that has been a risk, since an abundant presence of weeds, irrespective of how well you retain them maintained, can potentially affect island score.

I am lucky, why do you say that? Because the period of making choices among my favorite weeds and my island has been greatly extended, which gives me more time to think. Once I can access the "Island Editor", it means that I will have a weed garden. If I want to get a 5-star island rating, then I have to remove my beloved weeds, but if I don’t remove these weeds, I will get complaints from residents.

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