World of Warcraft provides players with a 100% character upgrade experience reward

World of Warcraft provides players with a 100% character upgrade experience reward


In late March of this year, due to the epidemic, most players were quarantined at home, and the idle time was much more than usual, so the time spent on the game also increased significantly. Blizzard decided to be the player in order to meet the needs of most players. Provide 100% character upgrade experience rewards. This XP upgrade makes many players look forward to it. This upgrade is earlier than the optimization and expansion of Shadowlands.

While the XP buff has been welcomed by many, it’s also served as a reminder of how broken the leveling experience in WoW has become for brand-new players. From a timeline perspective, new characters start out on the 16-year-old game’s original continents of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, but complete quests that were designed for the game’s third expansion, Cataclysm. Upon reaching level 60, players then technically return in time to play through either The Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King, then again jump into the longer term once they get to Mists of Pandaria and beyond.

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Regardless of which path they choose, most players see their level go up so fast (even before the recent buff) that they don’t have enough time to complete a leveling zone’s story before it’s time to maneuver on. This problem is even worse for veteran players using heirloom gear, which supplies an extra-XP boost.

These are all issues that Blizzard is cognizant of and also the WoW devs have taken multiple stabs within the past at making the leveling process less confusing. The team’s latest and best attempt at completely overhauling the leveling system and new player experience will include the discharge of Shadowlands.

In addition to A level squish from 120 to the eventual new cap of 60, Blizzard has big plans for spanking new players within the sort of a replacement starting experience called Exile’s Reach. The den of Geek recently spoke with World of Warcraft lead designer Kevin Martens about Exile’s Reach and also the other leveling changes coming to the sport later this year.

Traditionally, in World of Warcraft, players begin their leveling journey detached across multiple zones supported their starting race. Humans start in Elwynn Forest, Undead start in Tirisfal Glades, and so on.

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When a new player log in to the game for the first time, the system will send him directly to Exile's Reach. But some old players or veterans, are free to choose their starting point. They can choose the original starting point of their race, or they can choose another starting point. Hopefully, people who cross-Elwynn Forest for the 20th time will still be able to do so, but Blizzard hopes that Exile's Reach will attract more players to join.

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